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Oklahoma Home Foreclosure Lawyer

Tulsa Foreclosure Attorney

Whether you have a notice from your bank, or you cannot afford to make your mortgage payments, it is crucial that you examine all of your financial options. Many people do not realize that there are significant protections available even after their lenders have started foreclosure proceedings. Do not hesitate to schedule a confidential consultation with a skilled Tulsa home foreclosure attorney.

At the law firm of Dana Law Inc., our team of dedicated professionals will carefully examine your mortgage agreement, financial situation, and any documentation sent to you by the bank in order to develop a strategy uniquely tailored to your dilemma. We understand that you are facing a frightening, frustrating time and we will fight to help you save your home.


How Can Bankruptcy Save My Home?

For the majority of people, the mortgage represents the single biggest drain on the family’s finances. As such, it is often the first payment that suffers when the family begins to suffer financially. In most situations, filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure process. It is crucial that you speak with a skilled Oklahoma lawyer who can provide the legal guidance you need.


Foreclosure Defense

Discussing your situation with a knowledgeable attorney is the best way to determine what steps are the best for you. While bankruptcy is a common way to eliminate or reorganize debt, many people choose to explore options such as loan modification or a short sale. We will thoroughly examine your situation and discuss the challenges and benefits of each option as it relates to you.


Schedule a Consultation Today

The prospect of losing a home due to financial troubles can be frightening. Do not hesitate to schedule a consultation at the Tulsa office of Dana McDaniel & Associates. We can be reached by phone at 918-585-8500 or by email through our convenient online contact form

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.


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