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Skilled Oklahoma Revocable Living Trust Lawyers

You are never too young or too old to start thinking about planning for how you would like your assets distributed after you die. While you may have talked to your family about how you would like things to be handled when you are gone, your wishes will not be legally enforceable until you have a will, trust or other estate planning document to make your wishes clear in the eyes of the law.


The first step in creating your estate plan is finding a knowledgeable Tulsa estate planning lawyer who you can trust to protect your interests. At Dana M McDaniel in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we work closely with our clients throughout the entire process, getting to know them on a personal level so we can more effectively meet their legal needs.

Ready to start planning for your family’s future? Contact our firm today to schedule a consultation with our firm’s estate planning attorney Grant Cheadle, offering more than 30 years of experience.


Helping You Plan for the Future

At Dana M McDaniel, we are committed to helping people find estate planning vehicles that work for them, including:

  • Basic wills and trusts

  • Revocable living trusts and irrevocable trusts

  • Living wills and trusts

  • Health care directives

  • Organ donation plans

  • Tax planning and asset protection planning

  • Guardianships and electing custodians

  • Power of attorney

Do You Have a Large Estate?

If you have an estate worth millions of dollars you can pass up to $3.5 million to your beneficiaries through a trust without paying taxes on the money. Trusts are a great way to avoid estate taxes at both the federal and state level. We have extensive experience with high-asset trusts, having handled trusts worth more than $10 million.


What About Your Children?

It is important to think about your children as you develop an estate plan. In the unforeseeable circumstance that you become incapacitated or die unexpectedly, minor children probably can’t handle thousands or even millions of dollars on their own. In that situation, you could appoint a guardian to raise your child. The money you allocate for your child could be placed into a trust until your child reaches a certain age.


Contact Our Law Firm Today

Contact our law firm today to discuss your probate and estate planning needs with a skilled attorney. To better prepare you for your meeting with us, we recommend filling out a probate and estate administration intake form.




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